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Before you complain about your shoes – Think of those who don’t have feet!

నీ చెప్పులు బాగా లేవు అని బాధ పడే ముందు ….. అసలు కాళ్ళే లేని వాళ్ళ గురించి ఆలోచించు 

This is a new initiative we started in 2013 to include doing random acts of kindness, pilot runs, work shops & scaling up programmes like Basic Computer Skills, Communication Skills, Moral Science Lessons in Rural Govt. Schools, Adopting Orphans from Rural Govt Schools etc.. This programme also includes collaborating with other NGOs on projects for the common good.

Children Festival


Project Vaaradhi

Project Sadguru

Project SET

Project CLP

Project Smile Card

Project VIP

Used stuff collection campaign