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Village Development

 YOU must be the change you WISH to see in the WORLD.”
                                                        – Gandhi


PCT started Community Development Program in 2003 with the belief that India is to be found not in its few cities but in its hundreds of thousands of villages. We wanted to start with some thing small first and then change the gears slowly with the help of people like YOU.

We are now in the process of working with other NGOs who have already been doing great work for our villages. The fortunate thing is we do not have to reinvent the wheel all over again. Just learn some proven ideas and concepts from the successfully implemented projects and try to apply them to the villages that are near to us.

Various Projects till date:

Water Tank Project at Z.P.High School, Thimmapuram, Kakinada Rural (Sep 2014)

Sponsored by KRIYA (

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Water Tank Project at Oriental High School, Kakinada Urban (Jun 2014)

Sponsored by Vetcha Family in the loving memory of Vetcha Surya Syamala Rao

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Water Tank Project at R.R.BH.R. High School, Pithapuram (Jan 2014)

Sponsored by Jakka Pratap, USA

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Children Festivals in Rural Schools, East Godavari Dist. AP (2011)

This year, PCT has partnered with KRIYA, an NGO working primarily in rural schools to improve standards and also to create a positive learning environment.

Aim of Children Festivals

·         To bridge the gap between illiterate parents and teachers

·         To re-establish a link between theory and practice in teaching

·         To energize the total school environment

·         To give opportunity to children to show their innate abilities

·         To create atmosphere of joyful learning

The impact of this activity has been tremendous on both the children and teachers. It creates a positive learning environment in the school.

For more information, you can visit KRIYA web site @


Rural Libraries, East Godavari Dist. AP (2011)

PCT is in the process of collaborating with another NGO called BREAD (Basic Research and Education Development Society) to set up free libraries in rural government schools.

This project has been taken up with a view to catch the children at a very young age and to inculcate the book reading habit in them. Once it is set up, the library will be owned and run by the students and staff.

For more information, you can visit BREAD web site @


Water / Sanitation Project, Duppada Village, Vizianagaram Dist. AP (Jan 2009)

PCT has proudly taken part (by contributing a small amount of INR 50,000) in this much needed project to provide Water Supply & Sanitation Facilities around the clock in a poor and heavily congested area of this village. The community that will be served is a Scheduled Caste colony (400 people reside here) of Duppada Village near Vizianagaram. Dr. Prakasam Tata of Bharathi Theertha Trust, Vizianagaram has been instrumental in designing this project and also obtaining a grant from The Rotary Foundation under its Humanitarian Grants Program. Read the Project Details 
Read the Proposal Draft


Jawahar Talent Test, Yeleswaram Village, E.G.Dist. AP (Nov 2007)

PCT sponsored this event on Children’s day (14th Nov 2007) for encouraging the primary school children (3rd std to 5th std). Read the Detailed Report



Safe Drinking Water Project, GOLLAPROLU Village, E.G.Dist. AP (Jun 2007)

PCT also had an opportunity to participate (by contributing a small amount of INR 70,000) in the Safe Drinking Water Project initiated and accomplished by Gavarasana Foundation in Gollaprolu Village, E.G. District of Andhra Pradesh.         Read the Detailed Report 



Free Eye Care Camp, Yeleswaram Village, E.G.Dist. AP (Jun 2007)

With the help of Sri Kiran Institute of Ophthalmology, Kakinada, PCT coordinated the Eye Camp for the poor villagers in and around Yeleswaram village. There were 130+ people screened for possible eye diseases out of which 25 poor people were operated for Cataract surgery. PCT made sure all 25 people were going to the follow up exams to the hospital after the surgery. Sri Kiran hospital was kind enough to provide the required transportation. Pictures from the Eye Care Camp 


Help for a Poor Family in Kurnool, AP (Jul 2006)

On July 31st 2006, we found a sad news on Eenadu Internet Edition about a poor family (Pullaiah, Jyothi & their only child) in Kurnool district. Mr. Pullaiah is a blind man and his wife Jyothi is a daily labour. They do not have a place to stay. For last couple of years, they’ve been living in a local farmer’s toilet. They do not have any financial means to send their child to Govt. school. We are fortunate to help this family. [Read Complete Details….]


Free Diabetic Camp, Yeleswaram Village, E.G.Dist. AP (Dec 2003)

As our first effort towards this process, we were successful in conducting a free medical (diabetic) camp in Yeleswaram village and treated 120 diabetic patients. Each one of the patents was issued a report of his/her current diabetic score, medicines for immediate control of the disease and the directions for follow up exams as necessary. Pictures from the Medical Camp