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Pragathi Welfare Society (PWS)


Pragathi Welfare Society (Affiliated to Global Pragathi, USA) of Burgula, Mehbubnagar District, Telangana


Pragathi Welfare Society (PWS) has been our Primary Partner since 2015. We have partnered with PWS in the following projects in association with Global AID, Vizianagaram.

Project Vaaradhi Empower the Underprivileged through Education

As part of this project, PWS has adopted 72 such children from 7 Government High Schools of East Godavari District, AP.

This project has been changing the lives of many underprivileged in government high schools. The reason WHY we have chosen to work in this area is, the section of people whom we are working for is not easily noticed by everyone. They do not stay in any orphan homes; have no clue about and access to any government schemes that they are entitled to. They simply have no idea about their rights and opportunities that they can avail – a totally isolated group of underprivileged children

Target Audience

1) Single Parent or No Parent Children

2) No resources in the family to support the child’s educational and health care expenses

3) Currently enrolled in the local Government High School in 7th class/grade

Programme Covers

  • All Stationery (Note Books, Pens, Compass Box, Exam Pad, School Bag)
  • 2 Pairs of Daily Wear, Slippers, Bicycle to commute to school as needed
  • Complete Medical Checkup and Follow Ups including Surgeries
  • Employability Skills – Computer Literacy & Spoken English
  • One on One Motivational and Counseling Sessions

 Expected Impact

  • The children are encouraged not to miss the school. They can focus on their studies better now without having to worry about their family’s inability to support their educational and health care expenses. They will not drop out before they reach 10th class/grade
  • With basic education and proper counseling, they will be EMPOWERED to support themselves.


Project SWECHHA (Empowering the Adolescent girls in Menstrual Hygiene)

We are very proud that this programme has been making a huge impact in the lives of future mothers of India. We are trying hard to reach out to every school, junior college and social welfare hostel to empower and educate our girls in the area of menstrual hygiene.

Target Audience

Adolescent Girls from Government Schools, Junior Colleges & Hostels

Programme Covers

1) Educational Sessions using Visual Aids on Menstrual Hygiene, Sanitary Napkins Usage, Staying Clean, Group Discussion and One-On-One Chats with the Children

2) Hand Book with complete information about the subject

3) Pre and Post Programme Analysis/Study


Expected Impact

1. Improving menstrual hygiene, personal hygiene, health and diet

2. Increased school attendance levels during the menstrual cycle

3. Usage of Sanitary Napkins and their safe disposal.

4.  Educating the parents to follow safe and healthy methods during the cycle



“Our girls are very much comfortable and confident of speaking out about this and they have started buying the napkins for themselves and their mothers. This proves the power of being aware. Thanks to Pragathi & Padala Charitable Trust for working on such a worthy cause to educate the future mothers of India. Thank You”.

– Teachers & Head Masters


“From this session we got to know what kind of food has to be taken and the home remedies to avoid menstrual cramps. We promise you that we will follow them”.

“We always thought that menstrual blood is waste /bad blood and menstruation is a bad thing, but now we realized that this is an absolutely a normal biological process”.

                -10th class Girls from Farooqnagar Mandal, Mahbubnagar District, Telangana




Project SET (Student Empowerment Training) – Motivational and Career Development Sessions for Government High School Children

The goal of this project is to mentor the school children in rural areas & urban slums to empower and make them to realize their own potential by conducting interactive sessions in the school. This program also emphasizes on human values and social responsibility.

It is a very unique programme and need of the hour since these kind of counselling and motivational sessions (interactive manner using a laptop, projector and screen) hardly happen in any government school or college. Some corporate schools and colleges hire personality development trainers now and then since they can afford it.

The range of topics covered in this programme makes the project unique since they do not come under any classroom curriculum and hence the teachers will not have a chance to address them.

It is only through NGOs intervention that the government school children can be empowered enough to first realize their own potential, next to explore the avenues around them and finally to grow as socially responsible citizens.

The kind of short stories shared during this session help get 100% attention from the children. They are very short, crisp and with a definite connection with the topic in discussion.


Project SADGURU (Identify and honour the best teachers from government primary schools)

This is an attempt to identify and honour the role models in government primary schools. There are very committed teachers working in several schools who put their heart and soul in bringing the best in children. Such teachers hardly get any recognition from the officials and government. It is very important to keep such teachers motivated since they have a huge impact in today’s classroom and hence tomorrow’s society.



Project Report Aug 2016 -PWS-PCT-SET                       Project Report Aug 2016 -PWS-PCT-SWECHHA

Project -SET-Progress-Report-2015                                Vaaradhi Students List

Sadguru puraskaram-Progress-Report-2015           Project Report June 2017 – PWS SET & SWECHHA



SET Gallery                                                                                           SWECHHA Gallery

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