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Project Smile Card

Background of Smile Card Programme @ PCT

This was the first project we undertook as part of our new initiative Socially Relevant Initiatives (SRI). This was inspired by a portal dedicated to small acts of kindness.

The idea is to make someone smile by appreciating his/her work and also to create awareness in people why we should be thankful to others.


On 10th May 2013 (Fri), we chose to honour the A.P.S.R.T.C government bus drivers and conductors because of the very reason that they work very hard during this hot summer. We provided them with Cool Water Bottles and small cotton towels

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PCT – SMILE CARD Programme – RTC Bus Drivers and Conductors

Idea Spreads
Shri Madhu Vetcha, a businessman and a social activist from Rajahmundry was inspired by this programme and came forward to extend the same to the traffic constables & home guards in Rajahmundry area.

We first spoke to the DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police for Traffic) and shared our idea with him. He readily agreed and gave us the permission to go forward. On 25th May 2013 (Sat), we gathered at the Traffic Police Station in RJY and presented the gift bags to 40+ traffic constables and home guards. Each gift bag consisted of Cool Water Bottle, High Quality Sun Glasses, pollution masks and glucose packets.

Banner (Constables)

Observed Impact
It was learnt during the event that the traffic constables spend 8+ hrs in controlling the traffic (8am to 12 noon & 4pm to 8pm) no matter what the weather condition is. Many of the constables mentioned how difficult their job is during the hot summer days. The police officials also made a note that the traffic constables and home guards do the toughest job but with lowest pay. Everyone commended the idea to honour them.

We also handed over the flyers to all of the attendees and requested them to spread the word about thinking.

We are positive that this attempt will help at least few to think towards appreciating the people who help us live our lives.

Event Budget
Here is what PCT spent for the entire event:

Gifts to the Traffic Constables & Home Guards : Rs. 19,000/-
Flyer, Stickers & Banner : Rs. 1,000/-
Total : Rs. 20,000/- (USD 400)



Idea Spreads Even More………..

On 31st July 2014 (Thu), Shri Tummuri Peda Venkata Ramana, a retired Deputy General Manager, ECIL, Hyderabad and also a social activist hailed from Tatiparthy village of East Godavari District has kindly agreed to sponsor the brand new helmets to 35 traffic constables and home guards from Kakinada area.

We started to think about this project when the new SP (Superintendent of Police) arrived last week and started stressing the importance of Road Safety Awareness in public. Everyone feels and agrees with the fact that the number of road accidents in the district has increased exponentially in last few years and road safety awareness is the need of the hour.

Shri Tummuri Peda Venkata Ramana has sponsored this event on behalf of Tummuri Shanthi Memorial Trust, Tatiparthy.  Please read the complete report…..

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PCT – SMILE CARD Programme – Traffic Constables in Kakinada
Smile Card For Panchayat Workers
We honoured 40+ panchayat sweepers in Yeleswaram Mandal by thanking them personally and by providing them gift wrap consisting of safety clothing (hand gloves, cap, uniform, boots, mask). Tummuri Shanthi Memorial Trust of Tatiparthy sponsored the event worth Rs. 15,000/-.
The idea behind honouring this section of people is they work so hard to keep our environment clean. Their safety and well being should be our responsibility.
We are looking for people who are interested to perform these random acts of kindness in their area. Once you come forward to fund the event, you are free to choose the beneficiaries and location. We will be glad to coordinate it all the way through.