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Mapjects is a life time platinum sponsor of CLP project at PCT. We are very thankful to Mapjects for helping us make a difference in the lives of many underprivileged children.


Computer  Literacy  Programme (CLP)

        As India increasingly moves towards digitization, more and more core services such as e-governance,
agricultural support, and educational programmes are available via the computer. This revolution has the
potential to empower citizens and deliver change at unimaginable scales.
Unfortunately, however, the adoption of these services has been limited in rural communities because:
1. People continue to be intimidated by the technology
2. People do not understand how computers can improve their lives
a. Most folks in villages tend to think that computers are only useful for educated people.
3. People don’t have access to opinion leaders and role models within the community who can help them
with technology related issues.
a. Usually trained personnel tend to migrate away from rural areas.

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