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Mission Vision & Goals

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”
– Winston Churchill

As such, we do not have a list of things under this section as many NGOs usually do. We know for sure that there are people who are just waiting to be helped like:

A brilliant kid from a Rikshaw-Puller family, who got district first rank in SSC (X Std) and will be forced to work as a daily labor if no one recognizes his academic excellence and sponsor his college education

A top ranked girl in MCA Entrance Exam whose parents are no more, takes care of her educational expenses by offering evening tuitions to the school children in her village. If she doesn’t get timely financial help from someone, she would have to give up her wonderful career and might end up seeing herself as a small time village teacher.

A genius and hardworking student with a 100+ rank in the Medical Entrance Examination, desperately looking for a generous person to sponsor his tuition fee for next couple of years. If no help received, he needs to change his career plans and settle as a small time kirana shop owner.

These are just a very few of the situations that I personally came across and we are fortunate enough to sponsor some of such well deserved candidates.

Our goal is to help as many needy people as possible and create a positive and ‘giving’ attitude in them so that each one of them can take care of at least one other helpless person (PAYING IT FORWARD). If we can create such a chain reaction of philanthropy, it will be the time to say PCT has achieved it’s goal. Until then, we strive hard and put as much effort as possible.

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