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How can I get involved and support PCT?

We are thankful to you for the very thought of supporting PCT activities. We do not have any guidelines for our supporters. You are the best judge to decide what you are and how much (and in what way) you can contribute to our society. So, we leave it up to you to let us know what way you can offer your HELP. We will be lucky and grateful to have YOU in our team and we are sure we together can do more and better for the needy people. Little things make a big difference.

You can take a look at our initiatives in Programs section and decide which project to support. For more clarifications you may contact us.

Tell me about Community Development Program at PCT?

The Community Development Program was started in 2003 with an intent to help the villagesto the extent that we can. We started with re-construction of a primary school building with Rs. 10,000/- in Yeleswaram village. Later, we held a free medical camp (diabetic) and treated 120 diabetic patients with the help of a diabetic specialist doctor in Kakinada, East Godavari Dist, A.P. We are planning for more camps this year (2006).

We do provide infrastructure support to the government schools now and then. Water Tank Project @ RRBHR High School, Pithapuram was our most recent project.

How much can I contribute for a student?

No amount is too small. You are the best judge to decide what you are and how much (and in what way) you can contribute to our society. You can take a look at our initiatives in Programs section and decide which project to support. For more clarifications you may contact us.

How much PCT allocates per each student?

The scholarship amount is not fixed. It is decided on several factors such as, the education level of the student, other resources he/she currently has such as govt. scholarships, need for commuting to school/college etc. For ex. there were some students who commute to the college by bicycle 15 miles each way. For those students, in addition to the scholarship amount, PCT bought bus passes for them for the entire year.

What happens during the Interview process?

The interview is conducted one-on-one basis along with the parent/guardian. The student’s academic history, his desire for higher studies as well as the parent’s financial position is assessed by the interview committee. In some cases, the determination of the need is simple and straightforward (the parent is a daily coolie, small time tailor, rikshaw puller, blacksmith, mentally/physically retarded and the student is under someone else’s care etc.). In other cases the decision is not simple and we make sure we do a rigorous background checking (sending our volunteers to the respective village to inquire and personally see the family’s position etc.). Please refer to our EVR (Eligibility Verification Report) process for more details.

Once the committee finalizes the deserving candidates, we mail letters asking them to attend the scholarship distribution meeting and collect the cash award.

In summary, PCT is very sensitive to the issue of genuineness of the candidate and we put all efforts to ensure that the most deserving students receive the scholarship.

How are the applications screened?

The applications are carefully sorted based on the merit and family income. The income certificate from the Mandal Revenue Officer (MRO) is only a starting point in the screening process but PCT doesn’t consider it as final proof. All short listed candidates are called in for a personal interview along with his/her parent/guardian.

What are the criteria for selecting students under Scholarship Programme?

Academic excellence and financial disability are the only criteria to be eligible for PCT scholarship. However here are our norms


  1. All prior & current education must be in a government school/ college

  2. The applicant must hail from a poor family with no other resources to support his educational needs

  3. Applications with post graduate courses (MBA, MCA, MSc, MTech, MS etc) willnot be considered.

  4. Applicants who are in the final year of study (4th year B.Tech, 3rd Year BSc etc) will be given a lower priority than those in first and middle years.

  5. The application will be rejected if

    • Complete information is not provided in the application

    • Incorrect details are furnished

    • Supporting documentation (marks lists, rank cards etc.) is not submitted during the interview process

     Please do NOT apply for the scholarship if you do not meet the above criteria.

When was the PCT (Padala Charitable Trust) established?

Padala Charitable Trust (PCT) was established as a non-profit organization in 2000 by giving scholarships to the school toppers in Yeleswaram village. Later, it was officially registered in 2002 in East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.