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Career Development Program is Initiated by PCT to educate and explore  career opportunities for govt high school students. Every individual Student has their idea to become expert in some field or to achieve some goal but they don’t have enough guidance and information to reach the goal and how to approach so they may lose lot of opportunity  around them.

Purpose of CDP:

Most of the students from rural govt high schools has no idea about career opportunities around them.they think it’s very hard to achieve a comfortable and suitable job in this competitive world, they use to discouraging themselves and they  discontinue their education after 10th and join as a daily labor work

 Goal of CDP

The main goal of this project is to make  all the students  confident enough to reach their goal or set an appropriate goal in high school itself.

Program Schedule

  1. Program duration 2 hours
  2. Concepts Will be explained through power point presentation and some audio – video visuals
  3. Session will be done in the form of interaction
  4. At the end of the session handout material will be given to each and every student.
  5. Feedback of the session has been received from every student and school management also.